Sunday, March 26, 2006

The LSU system requires high-level clearance before any staff member may speak to the press, but spokesman Marvin McGraw said there was no specific directive barring statements at the rally. (What are they hiding and why?) click to read whole Time Picayune Article

Dr. James Moises, a former Charity emergency room physician, said the rally was called to press two demands on state officials: to call in a new, independent group of engineers and architects to assess the feasibility of reopening the aging 21-story hospital, and to provide a public forum for the community to make its wishes known about how the state should deliver health care services to poor citizens in post-Katrina New Orleans.

"Let's get some independent architects and engineers in there," Moises said in an interview. "We need a public forum. Let's put all of this on the table."

While it might take hundreds of millions of dollars to renovate Charity in its entirety, Moises said he thinks a flurry of repairs could have significant portions of the hospital up and running within several weeks. (quote from Time Picayune article click above and read)
So to tell the truth and challenge the lie that Charity was totally destroyed a quality Dr. had to quit in order speak at the rally. Mr. Smithburg needs to understand just as you would not pull your loved one off of life support without a second opinion, Charity should not be condemned based on an LSU funded engineering firm--it is called conflict of interest. Mr. Smithburg needs to provide the full engineering report for public review. Mr. Smithburg also needs to understand he is a state employee and can be terminated for poor performance. Mr. Smithburg for a nation that put a man on the moon it is a mazing we can not clean a hospital in six months time. Mr. Smithburg either step down or roll up your sleeves people are suffering and dying. Tulane is opened and they got water in the patient treatment area unlike Charity Hospital.

For my fellow reader we need to change the culture of the threat to hide the truth, none of our Preciously few doctors should be forced to quit to challenge wrong decisions by Mr. Smithburg that are costing the lives and hindering the education of medical professionals in this state.

We need to remember if you help yourself it is easier to get help from others, playing musical tents aint gonna inspire anyone to give Mr. Smithburg more money to manage. Results Mr. Smithburg that is all that matters. Is Elmwood going to open April one, oh no another missed dead line, a few hundred thousand dollars wasted, and more suffering of people in need. Wow this progressive management.


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