Sunday, March 26, 2006

Open request for photograhs and documents pertaining the state of Charity Hospital or threats to not speak against LSU assesment.

Dear Reader,

I know as many of you do that it can be tough to fight an up hill battle against those incharge, while preserving your economic future.

This site has an open door policy for any and all verifiable photographs or documents pertaining to closing Charity Permanently based on Katrina damage. Any documents that show a pattern of pressure to lie federal investigators or hind from the press actual damage will be posted here.

Mr. Smithburg we do ask that you do not fire any employees for telling the truth and presenting alternatives to tent based care. It is highly distressing that Dr. Moises is on public record as having to quit his employment to speak at the rally. We call on you to go on record with the press and publically provide written documentation that ensures that all employees will have the right to speak freely and present options for opening Charity at the soonest possible date. Mr. Smithburg we demand that you ensure publically that there will be no pressure put on employees, students, conractors, citizens, or faculty who are trying to get the hospital running and treating patients again.

We ask that you understand that truth should never be punished. Friendly advise Mr. Smithburg you need to allow a second opinion, as the scret nature of the closing of the hospital is not sitting well with many people who are in the end your boss, they are called tax payers.

To our state wide politicians we ask that you hold Mr. Smithburg accountable and make him to present publically for all to see the Walter Adams report. Preferably this document should be available for down load in PDF form, and should be accompanied by the FEMA assessment documenting only 23 million in damages versus Mr. Smithburg's total loss estimate. Then as good steward of the public trust allow independant review of Walter Adams report. Because if you do not, under stand this we will hold you accountable at the ballot box.

Remember Charity Hospital is owned by the tax payer, it does need restructuring and better business practices--but it is our hospital.

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