Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well the tents have moved again this time to shopping center less than a mile from Charity.
The shopping center was not ready and when profiled by Meg Farris Dr. Deblieux relates how the facility had no running water, toilets, and the Cheif of Emergency Medicine Dr. VanMeter was hanging sheet rock. Meg Farris's report

Wait a second here are we running a hospital system or general contracting firm, doctor should be treating people making them better not having cobble together substandard health care facilities. Especially when for the same amount of effort the Main Charity Hospital ER could have been opened on a temporary basis by now.

Governor Blanco should understand the perception of musical tents does not show progress or make the people of Louisiana look like good stewards of the Federal Treasury. It is time she take the lead. Nation wide the possible threat of a bird flu epidemic is gaining traction but in New Orleans we can not even provide basic medical care. God help us if a normal much less a bird flu out break were to occur.


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